Umbrella Labs Review: Has This Good SARMs Seller Gone Bad?

I’ve been using SARMs to power up my bodybuilding for three years now. Umbrella Labs are one of the people I haven’t tried until recently surprisingly, and in this Umbrella Labs review I’m going to tell you about my experiences.

I’ve taken some chances over the years, bought some dodgy stuff, and learned a lot of lessons. I now only buy high-quality SARMs from reputable vendors who can demonstrate purity through online lab testing reports, and who have a huge group of cheerleaders on forums and Reddit.

Umbrella Labs have been one of those companies with a good reputation. So when my last batch of SARMs was running low, I ordered Testolone, Ligandrol and Cardarine from Umbrella Labs, alongside some Nolvadex, to try the quality of Umbrella Labs for a cycle.

Who Are Umbrella Labs?

Umbrella Labs have been around for a number of years. Some of the guys have used their stuff, but they have been confused about what’s available.

Sometimes Umbrella Labs just have SARMs liquid available, sometimes capsules and liquid, sometimes even injectables, and then sometimes only SARMs capsules which are far more expensive.

When I ordered though, they were selling just SARMs liquid, no capsules or injectables at all.

Testolone was dosed at 20 mg/mL in a 30 mL bottle. That cost me $69.99. Cardarine, dosed in exactly the same way, was also $69.99.

My Experience With Umbrella Labs SARMs

I’ve used SARMs from for other reputable US-based SARMs sellers. I always check the company out online, to see that they haven’t got anything dodgy going on.

So there is no nonsense like the “Enhanced Athlete” debacle going on with Umbrella Labs. Everything online on Reddit, and bodybuilding forums, plus guys down the gym had all said the SARMs are pure and work well.

Basically, I’m no newcomer to SARMs and I know what to expect from pure SARMs alongside a hard and progressive cycle of workouts.

Unfortunately, what I found wasn’t good. I started to feel really sick after a few days. I got a headache, I felt weak, and my strength was just ebbing away really quickly during the day. It wasn’t flu or some other illness, because I felt fine and had zero symptoms until literally the day after I started the SARMs.

I stopped taking the Testolone, and just using the Cardarine for another few days, the effects continued. I switched to the Testolone and found the effects started to diminish but didn’t completely go.

So not sure if it was something wrong with the Cardarine I bought, but then again even a week on just using Testolone, something wasn’t quite right.

I’ve never experienced anything like that before, and it did freak me out a bit. I then stopped taking them completely. I felt better after about a couple of weeks, as the effects started to disappear.

I was working out during this time, but not as well as I should have been, and I certainly felt no boosting of my energy and no obvious signs of strength and muscle development. Perhaps I didn’t give that enough time, but there was something definitely badly wrong with this batch.

Worse than that, after contacting Umbrella Labs, two months on I’m still fighting to get them to acknowledge there might be a problem and to look into the returning the SARMs, so they can analyze and see what’s going on and maybe give me a refund.

So Is Umbrella Labs Legit?

Is Umbrella Labs legit? Well, I think they are a legitimate company. Part of the problem could be that they are using Chinese imported SARMs.

What happens is the raw SARMs powder is imported, and then it’s put in capsules, or suspended in liquid by the company who are selling it.

So it could have been a bad batch, or it could have been a problem with the Chinese SARMs. Perhaps they are buying low quality crap.

I’ve heard that China has banned the export of SARMs, so it could be that things are going really down the rabbit hole if you’re buying poor quality SARMs from China to sell on in America.

I’m not saying Umbrella Labs aren’t legitimate, but my experiences with them certainly haven’t made me a raving fan, and I’ll now be sticking to the guys I’ve used previously. sarm

Where You Can Buy Pure SARMs

My personal experiences with Umbrella Labs weren’t great. It could have been a bad batch, and you have to buy some from them yourself to work out if that’s the truth.

But for me, I’m going to stick to what I know. have been around for years, and I’ve used them for years.

The SARMs they sell are actually cheaper than from Umbrella Labs, and they are guaranteed higher quality.

Unlike Umbrella Labs, every batch that they get is independently third-party tested by a lab here in the USA for purity.

Those purity reports are then published on the product page, as you can see the purity of exactly what you are buying.

That’s why I’ve never had a problem with buying from ( was their previous domain) over the past few years.

So the conclusion of my Umbrella Labs review is that I really can’t recommend them all tell you to trust them. My experiment with the SARMs they sell was poor.

Umbrella Labs SARMs are reported as good, but my experiences weren’t great. I felt awful, and I have seen a few other comments from people on Reddit saying the same thing recently as well.

As I said, China has now banned the export of SARMs, and even the manufacturer of SARMs within China. As I know that Umbrella Labs is buying in Chinese SARMs and converting them into liquid, then it could be something is going wrong with that process locally, something has spoiled when they are doing it, and it could just be one batch, who knows.

I can’t think that the SARMs still coming out of China are going to be high-quality if they are now being illegally made, and then illegally exported. Steer clear of Umbrella Labs is my advice and go for, or even Proven Peptides where the SARMs are actually made here in the USA as well.