Proven Peptides Review: Are They Legit?

Proven Peptides are market leaders in the USA SARMs industry. I say industry, but it’s really a very grey market sector and I’m pretty sure you’re aware of that. But there are good guys and bad guys as in any industry, and in this Proven Peptides review I want to answer the key question: are Proven Peptides legit?

I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this company, who they are, where they are based, the SARMs they sell, and the quality you can expect from them.

Plus, I will also tell you about the loyalty program they have which can save you a ton of cash, and give you a little-known working Proven Peptides coupon code.

Who Are Proven Peptides?

I discovered Proven Peptides just over two years ago. The company has actually been around for five years, but there are so many awful companies out there, and after a bit of research, these guys just seemed good quality, plus they have hung around for a long time which you simply can’t if you are a scam company.

The website is high-quality, there’s a moneyback guarantee, and importantly for me, they publish independent lab test reports of every batch of SARMs they sell.

Let me tell you what I mean by that. A lot of SARMs, nearly all of them, come from China. Although purity can be fine, if they are imported by a third party who then cuts them with other stuff, and then sells them on, then unless they are tested for purity by the retailer then they could be selling you anything.

It’s a problem, and I’ve been caught out once in the past which is why I research for a company that I could rely on.

Do Proven Peptides Sell All SARMs?

Before I tell you about the SARMs that Proven Peptides sell, I just want to reiterate that point about quality.

Most SARMs sold in the USA are made in China, although that is going to change as the Chinese government has now banned the manufacturing of SARMs generally, and there’s a ban on importing them into the USA. Plus, with the whole coronavirus thing, Chinese SARMs will start to disappear over the rest of this year.

Proven Peptides don’t have to worry about any of that though because the SARMs they sell are already made in the USA. If quality and purity is your thing, then the fact they are made in the USA will be a big bonus.

They don’t sell the widest range of SARMs, but Proven Peptides do sell all the major SARMs that you would expect:

  • Nutrobal MK-677
  • Cardarine GW-501516
  • Ligandrol LGD-4033
  • YK-11
  • Ostarine MK-2866
  • Andarine S-4
  • Stenabolic SR-9009
  • Testolone RAD-140

What’s The Quality & Pricing Like?

I can tell you from my use that the quality of the SARMs from PP is superb. You have complete peace of mind because they are made in the USA, but on top of that, every batch is independently lab tested. Those reports are then published on the websites you can see the purity of what you are buying

I’ve used SR-9009 for energy stacked with RAD-140 for bulk for nearly 6 months, and the results have been incredible. Now I will say here that you pay for quality, and Proven Peptides are not a cheap company to buy from.

But as I said, you are getting the USA made SARMs that also come with a 100% quality guarantee.

To give you an idea of pricing let’s take a look at Ligandrol.

From the leading rival (I won’t muddy the waters by telling you the name here), you will pay $44.99 for a 300 ml dropper bottle, dosed at 10 mg/mL.

From Proven Peptides, LGD-4033 will cost you $59.99 for a 300 ml dropper bottle, also dosed at 10 mg/mL.  As you can see there is a premium, but you are getting guaranteed purity and American-made SARMs.

Proven peptides coupon

Is Proven Peptides Legit?

So I guess the key question in any Proven Peptides review has to be: is Proven Peptides legit?

For me, Proven Peptides are legitimate because they are part of a larger company that has a great track record in their respective sectors (they are the owners of Coastline Kratom and Absorb Health, market leaders in the kratom and smart drugs markets).

So Proven Peptides are legit, and they are not working from a garage in Sacramento or somewhere like that!

They are a little expensive compared to the sellers of Chinese SARMs, but because of the purity guarantee reports and the fact that the SARMs are made here in the USA in labs which will work to higher safety standards, then for me, that’s a trade-off worth a few extra bucks.

Save Money With Loyalty Points & A Proven Peptides Coupon

So the conclusion of this informal Proven Peptides review is that based on my own personal experiences is a great company to deal with, and you don’t have to worry about the purity of the SARMs you’re buying because they are guaranteed.

Shipping is free on orders over $75, and you get a full moneyback guarantee. There really is no risk to buying SARMs from Proven Peptides.

On top of all that, they do something called “Proven Points”. This is a loyalty program that pays you one point per dollar spent, with that point being worth $0.10.

So you can accumulate those and then trade those Proven Points off against future orders. It’s basically a 10% discount program.

Plus with free shipping over $75 those slightly higher prices don’t look quite so bad.

But I’ll finish this review of Proven Peptides were telling you about a working Proven Peptides coupon code that I have used regularly over the past year or so, it definitely works.

Enter the Proven Peptides coupon code Pal7.5thx when you checkout and you’ll get another 7.5% off your order. Put all that together, and you’re getting 100% pure American-made SARMs for prices only slightly more expensive than the Chinese competitors.